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Breakfast Cult

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“In the Weird Age of the late 21st century, the newly-discovered occult sciences are changing the world. If you want to learn them, Occultar Academy is the place to go. In this secluded island school, talented students from all over the world can learn sorcery and occultech under the Foundation’s watchful eye…”

The main book. Contains everything you need to play Breakfast CultAvailable in PDF, softcover, and hardcover formats!


Peer Pressure: A Pay-What-You-Want Primer

Peer Pressure at DriveThruRPG

A primer with sample episode. Peer Pressure was created for a podcast game with the Six Feats Under crew, and now it’s been adapted into a form anyone can enjoy! Available in pay-what-you-want format, in PDF and softcover. (Softcover has a minimum cost of $3.31 USD for printing materials.)

Sweet Shub And Hella Thotep: A Cthulhu Mythos Expansion

Sweet Shub And Hella Thotep at DriveThruRPG

The first of several expansions, created as a Kickstarter stretch goal. Sweet Shub and Hella Thotep adds some of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos to Breakfast Cult, with Ancient One entries for Cthuhlu, Nyarlathotep, and Shub-Niggurath, classic Mythos creatures like the Deep Ones and Mi-Go, and a Mythos-themed alternate setting. Available in PDF and softcover.


Game Over: An Expansion Pack

The second Kickstarter expansion and the first to expand on the core setting. Game Over explores the world of Breakfast Cult further by exploring some of the setting’s technology (including cybermancy and virtual reality) and the Factions trying to influence it behind the scenes, from the protective Student Council to the scheming Computer Appreciation Society to outside forces like Arc Zaibatsu. It even adds new sample characters, encounters, and digital-themed Ancient Ones to keep students on their toes!

Coming Soon…

Terrible Friends: The Cult Expansion

The third Kickstarter expansion. Terrible Friends explores some of Breakfast Cult’s actual cults: their origins, their secrets, and ways to use them in your games. As well as expanding the cults in the core book like the Disciples of the Cold Ones, Great Wave Society, and Sunrise Heavy Industries, it adds several brand-new cults, new sample characters, and nefarious new encounters.